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Welcome to LV426


Hi guys, Three weeks of our Internship behind us.  At the moment we all know our roles in the project and everyone is extremely busy. In the last post Sudarshan has presented Toscana project. This week’s post gives you the opportunity to read about the security project Hackable City.

We are building replica of Hadley’s Hope, colony on the planet LV426 from the movie Aliens (1986) by James Cameron. This outpost is going to have built in vulnerabilities which allows to hack in and take control over the city services like power plant, water supply, city walls etc. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness about security and to show how big an impact hacker attacks can have on the operation of the city.

At the moment our work is divided between modeling buildings, 3D printing, wiring models and connecting everything to the Arduinos. All services are going to run on the Cloud, and be accessed through the web interface.

One picture is wort more then 1000 words …

by Michal Smigiel